Scholarship Application

To apply for the Scholarship, the applicant should be a full time University/College student who has completed at least 2 years of University/College study.

When applying, please provide the information listed below and email it to or paper mail to:

Polish American Engineers Association of Florida Inc.

1521 Saturn Ave, North Clearwater, Florida 33755-2922

Scholarship Application – Please Provide:

1) Your name, address, email and phone number
2) Your University/College transcripts, including all courses and GPA
3) A 250-500 words essay describing why you should receive the Scholarship, including:
   – Your financial circumstances (family employment and annual income, number of family members etc)
   – Highlights of your academic achievements
   – Your community/volunteer work history
   – Any other factors you would like us to consider

The amount of the Scholarship is typically a $1000 per person.
Thank you and best of luck with the application!